Ways to donate

Every gift received enables us to provide school supplies, send children to school, feed local orphanages, furnish local family homes and contribute to important community programs.

Send a Gift

You can send an online donation to help cover the cost of food, shelter, tuition, and agriculture programs we are involved with in Haiti. Gifts can be sent securely through PayPal using one of two options available on our site.

Every year we collect school supplies, clothing, shoes and other equipment to send to students, families and schools in Haiti. If you wish to donate any materials please see our current list of in-kind donations needed and who to contact with any questions. We also appreciate any contacts or connections you would like to share with us that could assist in gathering specialty items.

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Give your time

Volunteers are an integral part of our organization. We are always looking for families and individuals who are willing to get involved with our projects, both locally and in Haiti.

All our current volunteer opportunities are posted to our website.