With some of the lowest formal education rates in the Western Hemisphere and a literacy rate average of 53%, it is not a surprise that 50% of school age children in Haiti are not enrolled and only one-third of girls over the age of six will go to school.

Lunch Program and Addition for a Local Primary School

We recognize that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and that in Haiti it is not uncommon for children to go throughout the day without a lunch. We initiated a school lunch program in one of the local Haitian primary schools, as a result of this attendance has increased by 400%.

The increased attendance has put a strain on the rather small school and therefore Harvest for Humanity commissioned a local contractor to construct an addition to the school in order to deal with the increased attendance. We were delighted to find that community support and acceptance of this program was so overwhelming, and many of the local families have participated in the construction in exchange for a waiver on tuition fees for their children.

English Language Summer Classes

For three years, Harvest for Humanity and volunteers from Canada and the US have been traveling to Haiti to run our English language summer classes. Volunteers work in teams to run our beginner and advanced English classes 8 hours a day, five days a week for 10 weeks throughout the summer.

After teaching English to the members of the Fermathe community, volunteers work with the orphans in our children’s home to help them develop their English language skills before hosting a series of Summer Camp like activities and crafts.

Scholarships for Continuing Education

As students excel in the school system and prove themselves dedicated to furthering their studies, there can often be significant financial barriers to continuing education. Harvest for Humanity, as funding permits, has started offering scholarships to select individuals who have shown academic promise but lack the funding. Our objective is to assist as many of these deserving young people as possible in achieving their potential.